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  • PW-GPT-2

    1/4″ Plug

    Planet Waves' Cable Station solderless connectors and high-definition cables are designed for the custom installer. With our IN = OUT transparency you can use the same cable for multiple signal types, simplifying the inventory you need to keep on hand. You'll never be caught without the right cable again if you're working with Planet Waves. Planet Waves HD gold-plated connectors offer the finest in connectivity for the truly discerning customers when nothing but the best will do. ALL PLANET WAVES CONNECTORS ARE COMPLETELY REUSABLE. • 24 carat gold-plated contacts • Finest materials and connectivity for the discerning customer • Patented compression spring on base of plug shaft for secure connection • Satin silver finish (not black chrome) **Protected by US Patent #s 6,494,746; 6,533,617, and US and foreign rights.
  • green rings

    Connector Color Rings

    100 pack of replacement rings for color-coding RCA and Specialty Series connectors. Available in seven different colors for color-coding applications: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, and Black.
  • P047NNN

    Intersect “Y” Adapter

    Another unique solution from Planet Waves, eliminating the need to ever use another “Y” cable again. Intersect any three Planet Waves cables to split a signal, creating any variation of connection needed, to any length on each “leg” required. The Intersect is another solution that allows clean organized custom installations.
  • RCA Group

    RCA Connectors

    Planet Waves RCA connectors are available in three different styles to meet the needs of specific installations. All Planet Waves Connectors are specially designed to work with Planet Waves 3/16” coaxial cable ST Series connectors have 24-karat gold plated contacts for excellent conductivity and lowered risk of oxidization.  These connectors also feature a black chrome finish. BC Series connectors are nickel plates with a standard chrome shell.  These connectors, like the ST, are a single-piece design. Planet Waves HD Series (RCAP50) are the original Planet Waves connector design, featuring a die-cast body with 24-karat gold plated contacts. All connector packs come with extra colored rings for color-coding connectors by application.
  • Speaker Connectors

    Speaker Wire Termination

    The Planet Waves Speaker Connector is a revolution in speaker wire termination.  The patented Planet Waves gold-plated connection pin provides 360° contact with the wire without necessitating jacket removal.  No stripping or twisting, and low oxidation risk! All speaker connectors are gold-plated and fully tested for superior signal transfer.  The connection screw is specifically designed to cut the jacket and hold wire securely in place without loosening.  Connectors are available in 12, 14, or 16 AWG. Planet Waves Speaker Connectors offer speed, time, efficiency, and quality, all in one connection!
  • BCBNC Group

    Specialty Connectors

    Planet Waves Specialty Connectors provide expanded connectivity solutions.  Like all Planet Waves connectors, they are fully reusable. Specialty connectors have nickel-plated contacts and a chrome finish. These connectors include:
    • Right angle connectors - RCA
    • F connectors
    • BNC Connectors
    • 3.5 mm Mono Connectors
    Planet Waves Specialty Connectors are compatible only with Planet Waves HD Coax

Showing all 6 results