RCA Connectors

Planet Waves RCA connectors are available in three different styles to meet the needs of specific installations. All Planet Waves Connectors are specially designed to work with Planet Waves 3/16” coaxial cable

ST Series connectors have 24-karat gold plated contacts for excellent conductivity and lowered risk of oxidization.  These connectors also feature a black chrome finish.

BC Series connectors are nickel plates with a standard chrome shell.  These connectors, like the ST, are a single-piece design.

Planet Waves HD Series (RCAP50) are the original Planet Waves connector design, featuring a die-cast body with 24-karat gold plated contacts.

All connector packs come with extra colored rings for color-coding connectors by application.


Part Numbers

  • BCRCAP10

    RCA Connectors - Nickel-Plated

    10 Pack

  • BCRCAP50

    RCA Connectors - Nickel-Plated

    50 Pack

  • STRCAP10

    RCA Connectors - Gold-Plated

    10 Pack

  • STRCAP50

    RCA Connectors - Gold-Plated

    50 Pack

  • RCAP50

    RCA Connectors - Gold-Plated, Die-Cast

    50 Pack

Planet Waves installation

The Planet Waves instant interconnect system is a high-quality, easy-inventory, time-saving solution that addresses all high definition signal connectivity needs.  In = Out™ signal transparency for uncompromising signal transparency.

Never have installers on the site without the proper cable! The same cable works with multiple signal types.  All connectors are designed to work with our one proprietary cable – no multiple connector sizes.

All connectors affix quickly and easy with a simple 3 step assembly process.

No stripping, crimping, or soldering!


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