About Us

Planet Waves Background

Planet Waves Custom Installation began within D’Addario & Co Inc, the world’s largest musical accessory company, encompassing everything from strings to high quality audio/video cabling.

In the early 2000s, a small D’Addario cable group built upon innovative designs for coaxial cable used within the music industry. Their efforts resulted in the Planet Waves CableStation™ coax system.  Subsequently, the Planet Waves Custom Installation division launched in 2005 at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo (CEDIA) in Indianapolis.

With a careful eye to the requirements of discerning professional installers, Planet Waves Custom Installation division soon established itself as a leader in connectivity solutions. The Planet Waves product mix evolved to include innovative coax and HDMI solutions, as well as speaker connectors that eliminate the requirement to strip the jacketing from the wire. These parts and components were all designed with the goal of making the installer’s job easier, more efficient, and more reliable.

In January 2012 Planet Waves CI and Custom Installation Supply merged to establish Cleerline Technology Group. Maintaining an affiliate connection to D’Addario & Co Inc, Cleerline Technology Group strives to innovate connectivity products that add value for customers and make the promise of the future a reality.

Why Planet Waves?

The Planet Waves instant interconnect system is a high-quality, easy-inventory,time-saving solution that addresses all high definition signal connectivity needs.

This award-winning system allows easy assembly of premium-quality, custom-length interconnects. With Planet Waves In=Out™ pure signal transparency the same cable works for a variety of signal types, simplifying inventory. Never be caught without the right cable again!

All Planet Waves cables incorporate “In=out” cable technology designed for uncompromising signal transparency. This ingenious development sets Planet Waves apart from ordinary cable providers; ushering in the new age of signal transfer.

Planet Waves cables are usable for a variety of signal types with full confidence that what goes in equals what comes out. No more worrying about which cable is needed for video versus audio, or digital versus analog. All Planet Waves cables and connectors are designed to meet systems’ requirements with precise coax construction and specifications, delivering total signal transparency.

Saving time wiring up racks and components reduces labor costs and enables installers to get to the next job sooner!

Customers have experienced up to 75% time savings using our product when compared to other cabling connections. 8 racks would take 8 days compared to 2 days with Planet Waves.

Precision 75 Ohm cable with low capacitance for passing both video and audio with no effect on the signal – sweep tested to 3GHz over 100ft.

  • One Cable type – stock a limited amount of SKU’s.
  • Never have installers on the site without the proper cable!
  • All connectors are designed to work with our one proprietary cable – no multiple connector sizes.
  • All connectors affix quickly and easy with a simple 3 step assembly process.
  • No Stripping, no crimping, no soldering
  • Faster to get new hires or less experienced installers up to speed on custom cabling, and dressing racks.
  • Less expensive labor for reduced overhead

All bulk cable is high-impedance, low-capacitance cable and meets full specs for everything from component to composite, digital to analog, 3 GHZ Satellite RF, S/PDIF, even subwoofers.